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[ Nov 07th ]What you need to pay attention to before buying a hoverboard?

Modern technology is continues changing our life. The balance two wheel scooter is a revolutionary moving vehicle with smart technology. It's powered with battery and environmentally with zero emission.  It's full of fun to control it by adjusting your balance of your body. If you plan to buy a two wheel balance scooter, what do you need to pay attention?

1. Choose a brand with certifications

The smart balance scooter is equipped with balance technology. There are a number of  brands on market. So make sure to choose a brand that have all certifications like CE、FCC、UL and good reputation, which can make sure the good production quality and safety of the smart electric hoverboard. Cool&Fun hoverboards have all essential certifications. 

2. Specifications

We need to pay attention to some specifications of hoverboards that determine main functions. 

--Maximum speed: it's not safe when you ride over the maximum speed. You can choose the suitable speed according your need. 

- Mileage every full charge: it determines that how long you can ride when you finish a full charge.

- Charging time: Generally two to three hours to make a full charge. Don't charge too long.

3. After sale service

When it come to electric products, there is always some unexpected problems. So we need choose providers with good after sale service. 

10 inch cool&fun hoverboard smart balance scooter


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