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[ Nov 22th ]What's the back to future hoverboard?

The name hoverboard is literally “floating seat” from the popular movie “Back to the Future” where the main character goes in the future and the skateboard replace the flying thing. Today's idealists tried to turn  that into reality. In fact, they are very close to success. Hoverboard  is a platform on two wheels that are driven by balance.

Hoverboard is stabilized by gyroscopes, and will move back and forth in a way that the driver is leaning in that direction, a turn will transfer the center of gravity on one leg, depending on which way the driver wants to turn. In other words, the hoverboard is an ultra-compact version of the Segway, much  easier to handle and much more cool.

Wheel Size

The most common wheel size is about 6.5 inches, which refers to their diameter. Such hoverboard are ideal for flat surfaces, but a little more difficult to tolerate curbs, concreted roads and the like.

For rugged terrain such as forest paths, house yards are recommended models with larger wheels. Size is important because of the rider's weight. Most models have a wheel size of about 6.5 inch with a maximum limit for a capacity of 130kg.

Ready to ride?

We do not want to hide the fact that driving hoverboard can be dangerous. Hoverboard requires a certain amount of your forces to be moved; It is not quite easy to keep your weight in a slight incline, while you stand, paying attention to the degree of inclination, because it depends on the speed of travel.

protect yourself

Maybe you think that the speed of 10 km / h is equal to running, but no matter how capable or experienced, well-meaning advice is to always use  the entire protective equipment - from the shield to the helmet and keep your head, wrists, knees and elbows to be safe.

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