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  • What you need to pay attention to before buying a hoverboard?

    Modern technology is continues changing our life. The balance two wheel scooter is a revolutionary moving vehicle with smart technology. It's powered with battery and environmentally with zero emission. It's full of fun to control it by adjusting your ba

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  • What's the back to future hoverboard?

    The name hoverboard is literally “floating seat” from the popular movie “Back to the Future” where the main character goes in the future and the skateboard replace the flying thing. Today's idealists tried to turn that into reality.

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  • How to diagnose hoverboard fault and repair?

    After using hoverboard for a long time, there maybe some faulty issues. So how to easily diagnose those hoverboard fault and repair? In fact, most of hoverboard issues are from hoverboard cable loose or disconnect.

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  • Top Six Special Christmas Gifts for Children

    It’s not an easy thing for parents to choose Christmas gift for children. 2016 Christmas is on the road. Here we list some creative gift options maybe that you can consider to put them on your present list.

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